Jonathan Guenz

Jonathan – Maker Space

I am an IT specialist for application development. Before I started working in the Maker Space, I worked for a small software company just 100 meters away from experimenta and developed administration software for real estate. I started working for experimenta then around 2018 about six months before it reopened.

– Jonathan, Maker Space

In the beginning, it was all about development concepts for the Maker Space and trying to find out what kind of materials and devices were needed. Basically, going through and creating long lists of materials to be able to start with a fully equipped Maker Space in time for the opening. In the meantime, I spend a lot of time on maintenance and operation of the equipment and devices, hold safety training for visitors and conduct workshops. My specialties are especially 3D printing, CAD and software. I enjoy working with visitors on projects involving robotics and micro-controller development.

Early 2020, I attended continuing education courses to become a laser safety officer. This qualification is mandatory to be able to hold safety training for the laser cutter. I very much enjoy the longer evening sessions during which we hack the Maker Space. We call these sessions Nightly Builds, to use a term used in software development. We usually come up with a crazy idea in the evening and try to implement it with just a few hours. The last Nightly Builds were the effect lighting of the kitchen counter and the “Cuddle box”.

One thing I am sure I will never forget is the Science Expo International in Abu Dhabi. It was a meeting of young people from around the world at which projects were presented in the fields of chemistry, physics, biology, computer science and technology. We presented three projects from the Maker Space and the student research center. Being able to witness how many other young people are working on so many different projects and what young people in the different countries are concerned about was brilliant. The projects ranged from flexible robots to sensor networks for monitoring groundwater levels to cell research.

As an employer, experimenta is versatile. An exciting topic is always somewhere just around the corner. There are also apparently endless possibilities for new projects and ideas. And, once one has met the entire team and knows who the experts are, everything seems possible and feasible. But. One should always remain curious and want to turn ideas into reality on one’s own. Here at the Maker Space, you won’t find anyone who’ll tell you what to do. You are responsible. The motto on the Maker Space website also applies equally for us as employees – your space, your projects! Make something!