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The special exhibition

October 24, 2020 - May 2, 2021

Your team spirit is wanted in this diverse special exhibition. You can actively work together at the various interactive stations and learn what is good for your brain.

A portable brain accompanies you through the exhibition. Use it to activate the individual stations. The more stations you visit, the more intensely the brain glows – as a sign that your own brain is profiting from your visit to the exhibition!

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Book your experimenta ticket online now in our web shop. The special exhibition is included in the price of your admission ticket, but can also be booked separately.

HEAD first

» You're not just a head! You're a fingertip, shoulder-top, tip of the tongue, top of the lung, and it's all tip-top! «

Poem from the exhibition, original by Laura Ruohonen, translated into English by Outi Kainulainen.

The Cosmos of the Brain

A cosmos full of wonder is hidden in our head - our brain. It is one of the most complex structures we know. Around 86 billion nerve cells are connected in a gigantic network. It still holds many secrets even today.

Set out on an adventure with friends and family and discover the astounding capabilities of your brain in this exhibition!

Dancing, music, crafts and puzzles form new connections in your brain. Social gatherings make you happy. But the brain needs variety above anything else! In addition to physical and mental activity, it also needs periods of rest. But it is never inactive! The brain works tirelessly at full throttle even when you are asleep. A number of stations in the exhibition let you directly experience what your brain needs. And if you'd like to learn more about how you can shape, challenge and protect your brain, visit the wisdom tables. You can find out more about your brain there.

"No need to rack your brain about your brain"

3 questions for Dr. Christian Sichau

2020 10 19 3 Fragen SichauAlthough everyone has one from the point of birth, the brain still has its mysteries. The amazing abilities and secrets concealed within it are revealed to visitors of the new special exhibition "You and Your Brain - A Good Team!". Dr. Christian Sichau is one of the brains behind the project at experimenta Heilbronn.

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Dates and facts about the exhibition

  • Distance between Heureka and experimenta approx. 1,600 kilometers as the crow flies
  • 20 crates in four trucks were needed to transport the exhibition
  • 27 stations about the brain
  • 11 brains were involved in erecting the exhibition in Heilbronn
  • 11 days were the amount of time it took to set up the exhibition at experimenta

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