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"No need to rack your brain about your brain"

3 Fragen an Dr. Christian Sichau

Although everyone has one from the point of birth, the brain still has its mysteries. The amazing abilities and secrets concealed within it are revealed to visitors of the new special exhibition "You and Your Brain - A Good Team!". Dr. Christian Sichau is one of the brains behind the project at experimenta Heilbronn.

Mr. Sichau, what makes this exhibition so intriguing?
The eye-opener for me was that it's not about improving or optimizing anything. You and your brain - they're partners, a good team! There isn't a lot of effort required. There's no need to rack your brain about your brain. If you treat your body with care, you've already done a great deal.

Most things wear out over time, but the health of our brain can be preserved by daily activities. Why is that?
Our brain is plastic. Characteristic of it is that it strengthens the connections it needs and removes others. On the down side, connections may degenerate. But the good news is: You can do something about it. This ability of the brain to react to demands is something special.

What is your favorite station in the exhibition personally and why?
I love brain teasers. There are two stations with them in the exhibition. At one, you a have to put together the pieces of a gigantic cube correctly. At the other, you have to use mirrors to direct beams of light to a target.

About Christian Sichau:
Christian Sichau as Head of Exhibitions is responsible for experimenta exhibitions and programs. Born in Worms in 1967, he holds a doctorate in Physics and came to experimenta in 2009. He is keen on passing on his own fascination with science to visitors.

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