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experimenta, Germany's largest science center, amazes visitors with an extraordinary variety of offerings and is an exceptional symbol of the joy of experimentation, of knowledge and innovation. A spectacular new building (e1) in glass and steel complements experimenta's previous home in the historic Hagenbucher Speicher (e2), a storehouse which has also undergone extensive renovation. In the Discovery Worlds, numerous interactive stations on four exhibition levels are sources of inspiration. It is here that we discover our world afresh.

The highlight of the Experience Worlds is the Science Dome. In this unique combination of planetarium and theater, you can travel virtually through space or experience fascinating laser shows or experiment demonstrations. A space station of a special kind is located on the rooftop terrace: the observatory with its powerful telescopes and four observatory stations. The concept behind the Science Stage targets children up to the age of 10 and presents natural science and technology in a format developed to be entertaining and easily understood.

The Research Worlds in building e2 provide areas for a wide range of experiments. They include eight high-quality and fully equipped labs, a cooking lab and the Northern Württemberg Student Research Center.

experimenta offerings are rounded off with the Maker Space as a platform for design and development and as a workshop for hands-on work as well as the Forum as a venue for exciting dialogs.

Regardless of which of our worlds you delve into: The new experimenta is a unique place to experience knowledge.


Diversity is written with a capital letter in the discovery worlds. 275 intriguing interactive exhibits can be found on the new building's four levels.

The "StoffWechsel" section on level 1 provides surprising insight into our everyday lives. Whether in the wind studio, in the monocolor space or when creating the stuff that dreams are made of - the invisible becomes visible here, and visitors can discover just what is behind many of the things we encounter every day.

"KopfSachen" on level 2 explains how complex and in how many different ways people perceive the world around them through the senses. Walk through an obstacle course in the shoes of a giant, and in the relax zone, an LED tree shows you how relaxed you are.

Level 3 with the "WeltBlick" section reveals how the world can be studied, influenced and changed with the help of technology and science. Discover the microcosmic world or observe the impact of weather phenomena.

The "ForscherLand" on level 4 is a unique adventure playground where visitors can put their talents to the test in experimentation, testing and design. Children learn how a lock works in the water landscape, watch flying objects in wonder or climb the tree house.

The motto of the four glassed-in studios is be creative and make something new. For example, produce a film, compose a piece of music, build a vehicle or create an object of cable ties. As everywhere else at experimenta: experience is a source of knowledge.

And in the forum visitors can learn about the latest developments and innovations in science and research.


The Science Dome, Observatory and Experimental Stage are extraordinary offerings within the experience worlds.

The Science Dome is a unique combination of planetarium and theater with a revolving auditorium and a 700 m2 3D screen under which visitors travel through space or watch spectacular laser shows and experiment demonstrations. The barrier-free observatory is Germany's first all-sky dome, offering a fascinating observation program and complemented by four powerful telescopes on the roof-top terrace.

In the demonstrations performed on the Science Stage, children up to age 10 are familiarized with scientific phenomena in demonstrations and hands-on formats developed to be age-appropriate and entertaining.


The Research Worlds in the renovated original experimenta building are home to numerous experiment stations. In a 2,500 m2 area, school classes and groups will discover eight well-equipped labs and an experiment kitchen.

experimenta uses this space to host more than 50 courses in the natural sciences and technology for different age groups. In the student research center, young scientists are supported in their first scientific endeavors.

The Maker Space was developed specifically with young scientists in mind. Teens and young adults will find the room and the technical equipment to experiment, develop and design.

MS experimenta

105 metres long, it offers space for a variety of interactive stations, a unique audio-visual mini-dome and exciting experiments: The ship of experimenta.

Since January 2018, the MS experimenta has been inspiring as a branch of Germany's largest science centre. This year, it is docking at over ten locations in Baden-Württemberg, Hesse and Bavaria. Here, everyone can experience science and technology with all their senses and get to the bottom of exciting everyday questions.

Come aboard and discover the world anew!

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