275 interactive installations
    for small and big discoverer

    Fascinating Discovery Worlds 
    Experience with all Sense

    275 interactive installations
    for small and big discoverer

    Fascinating Discovery Worlds 
    Experience with all Sense

    275 interactive installations
    for small and big discoverer

    Fascinating Discovery Worlds 
    Experience with all Sense

What does it feel like in the eye of the storm? What would our body look like if it were made of ice or rubber? Will a slice of bread when dropped always land butter-side down? These are just a few of the big and small questions that you will find answers to during your tour of experimenta.

In our four worlds, StoffWechsel, KopfSachen, WeltBlick and ForscherLand, every visitor becomes a researcher - whether young or old! 275 interactive kiosks invite you on a journey of discovery - from an exploration of the tiny worlds of microscopy and the investigation of our large water landscape and even hop coaching with a bionic kangaroo.

The best thing is that you can save your experiences at the individual stations using your special visitor wristband, the "digital backpack". It will let you view your results online at home or share them on social media channels.

the themed worlds:


What happens during a car crash? How does a drop of water drip from a faucet? When does starlight start its journey to earth? The Discovery World StoffWechsel reveals what is behind the things we see and makes the invisible visible.


How do we perceive the world around us? What role does communication play in perception? What is the human body capable of doing? The section KopfSachen reveals how complex and diverse the world is perceived through our senses.


Is it true that a slice of bread always falls onto the side it's buttered? Is it possible to disable the laws of gravitation? How can we get an artificial kangaroo to hop? The section WeltBlick uses technology and science to show how the world can be studied and influenced.


How does a lock work? What needs to be taken into consideration when building a dam? What actually goes on in the tiny worlds we cannot see? The ForscherLand is a unique adventure playground for experimentation, testing and design.


An exciting combination of learning and entertainment is waiting for you in the Forum: "How can we shape our future sustainably and environmental-friendly?" or "How is climate change impacting our lives now and in future?", are just some of the questions that are open to discussion based on concrete examples. At an interactive monitor table, you can drive with your avatar through the city of future and discover how our future society could look like. At the “Sustainable Earth”-stations, you can find worldwide projects or initiatives dedicated to environmental protection, social change or fighting poverty. You can become a citizen scientist at the “World Explorer stations” where you find a collection of citizen science projects from all over the world. If you are interested to really dive into the world of science, you will find news from different research fields at the digital “NewsDesk”, go through some of the different research magazines or watch films in our “Science Cinema”. And, if you enjoy lively discussions: under "Personal Postings", you can add a personal statement to your selfie, print it out and post it on the opinion wall. Thus, the Forum is not only a platform for knowledge but also for exchange and creativity.
Glassed-in studios
Hands-on experience is always better than theory. In the four glass Creative Studios you can discover your talents and broaden your horizons. Whether mechanical, technical, creative or communications skills - everything here is about exploring, trying new things and being creative with different materials. For example, you can produce your own cartoon, compose a piece of music, create the layout for a page in a newspaper or build your own vehicle - and when you're done, you can take it home.

Events in the Discovery Worlds

The following contents are in German, as the events / courses themselves take place in German.
  • Start: 26.06.2021
    End: 07.11.2021

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