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Help shape the world

You can create change. How? Find out in our Forum. Support research, discover the city of the future, share your opinion and deepen your knowledge.

Inform, discuss, and engage – take part in our Forum. Here, current research findings encounter the question of how we actually want to live today and in the future. Use the interactive stations to learn more about current developments in science and technology.

Find out how you can contribute to research as a citizen scientist. Put your ideas up for discussion and exchange them with others – for example on the subjects in our regularly changing focus exhibitions.

There are also frequent events at the Forum. Just stop by!


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Opening hours of the Forum

Tuesday to Friday: 1:30 – 5:00 p.m.
Saturday: 2:30 – 6:00 p.m.

Sunday and monday closed

Admission to the Forum is free of charge.

Individual offers in the forum


What does the city of the future look like? Find out about current developments. And share your views and ideas on the subject; learn what other people think about it. Using an avatar on a large touch table, you can make your way to various areas in the city of the future.

What do you want to know more about? Traffic, culture and education, health? Take a look at the future in 40 areas.


Do you want to make the world a bit better? The Sustainable Earth projects introduce you to dozens of issues that all share that aspiration as well. They cover all the goals for sustainable development of the UN Agenda 2030. Learn what has already happened and what is planned.

Some of the projects are right on your doorstep, others are international. You can also suggest your own projects. Or let us know what other projects we need to add to the Forum.


Support research projects as a citizen scientist. You can learn how in the Forum with our world explorers.

You will find many projects here in which you can actively participate. Collect information about the world of birds, help with photographing and mapping monuments. Or would you rather play a computer game in which proteins are folded, to support medical research? Discover your favorite project


What’s new? Find out at the Forum. We have the news for you, from science, technology, health, the environment, and society.

At a large touch table, you can browse through the news and immerse yourself in current research findings, for example. If you find something especially interesting, you can also save the links to the articles and take them home – that’s what our digital backpack is for.


Is the Great Wall of China really visible from the Moon or is that nonsense? How are labor productivity and the low-wage labor market related to each other? What should people know about cannabis? Find out in the Filmbox.

You can choosefrom among 90 different well-founded video clips and find out more about what really interests you.


What do you think? About experimenta, the Forum, our focus theme? Let us know. Design your own statement card: Choose a background, type your opinion, and look into the camera for a selfie. You can print the card or save it; take it home or hang it on the yellow wall in the Forum for all to see.

And what do others think? Browse through their cards on the yellow wall or in the station postcards. What needs to be said? Take a stand!

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