The entire world in one place – our promise, our passion. In experimenta, you embark on your very own journey of discovery.

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experimenta –
The science center

At experimenta, you can get to the bottom of things. Natural science and technology can be experienced by everyone. In our exhibition, you discover the world and always something new – regardless of whether you are three or one-hundred-and-three.

In a unique combination of planetarium and theater, in our Science Dome, you travel virtually to unknown places. Or you experience how exciting science can be in our experimental shows. In well-equipped labs, you conduct your own experiments and turn your ideas into reality in the Maker Space.

In this one-of-a-kind place, we facilitate experiences and knowledge together.

We are expanding experimenta!

The new exhibition AI – Insights and Visions is dedicated to the groundbreaking topic of artificial intelligence. In our wooden pavilion, you will find many captivating interactive stations where you can learn more about AI and try it out for yourself. What questions, opinions, and thoughts do you have about AI? What should a future with AI look like?

In cooperation with the Heilbronn “Innovation Park Artificial Intelligence” (IPAI).

Maker Space
Science Dome


Find the answer on your own: by doing research in our labs.

Maker Space

From coding to sewing: your project matters in the Maker Space.


Find out how you can shape the future in the Forum.


In the AI-Pavilion you can learn more about artificial intelligence and try it out for yourself.
To the AI-Pavilion

Science Dome

A new look at things - in 3D and 360


Discover how the world works in our exhibition.


Travel from the rooftop to the universe - in our observatory.

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A unique world of knowledge and experience


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Experience, learn and create in Germany’s largest science center. At experimenta, we open unknown doors to the world for you. Come in, experience something new and also learn more about yourself – at our interactive stations, in exciting science shows or spectacular (3D) films in the Science Dome.

You still haven’t seen enough? Give the experimental theater a try or venture a look at the stars. experimenta is as multi-faceted as life itself. Proof? Our labs in which you find answers to many questions from the world of science, and the Maker Space. It is there that ideas are turned into reality.

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Would you like help planning your visit? Do you have questions about our offerings or neeed help booking your tickets? Contact us – by phone or email. Weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. We are happy to help!