AI Pavilion (e3): experimenta has become bigger

The pavilion for artificial intelligence called e3 completes the ensemble formed by the exhibition building e1 and the Habenbucher storehouse e2 at experimenta-Platz. Located directly at the Hagenbucher bridge, it offers 180 square meters of exhibition space for around forty visitors.

Its unique feature is that the elegant timber-frame construction is recyclable. The design is from the international architectural firm Sauerbruch Hutton, which also designed the spectacular new building e1.

AI – Insights and Visions

Artificial Intelligence in a Pavilion

We have expanded the experimenta! A exhibition is dedicated to the forward-looking topic of artificial intelligence. In the new wooden pavilion, you’ll find numerous captivating interactive stations where you can learn more about AI and try it out for yourself. One part is devoted to Heilbronn’s “Innovation Park Artificial Intelligence” (IPAI), currently probably the most ambitious project for applied AI in all of Europe. What questions, opinions, and thoughts do you have about AI? What should a future with AI look like? We look forward to your input about the exhibition!

experimenta Pavillion KI Heilbronn


What do chess, checkers, and the Rubik’s Cube have to do with the development of AI? What role did a tortoise or a tiny mouse play? In this section, you can playfully discover how AI has developed. Because people have been thinking about and researching AI for a very long time. The exhibition guides you through historic milestones to the rapid rise of AI in recent years.


You can experiment with AI yourself at six interactive stations in the Workshop section. Compose poetry with AI’s help, create fascinating works of art, or test how good AI is at recognizing your drawings, At the same time, you can test the limits of the applications presented, becoming familiar with AI as a tool. You can take your works home with you digitally with a QR code.

Die Ausstellung - Herzstück der experimenta


A large media installation gives you fascinating insights into the development of the “Innovation Park Artificial Intelligence” (IPAI). Immerse yourself in the unique AI ecosystem currently being created in Heilbronn. Who are our new neighbors? What motivates them and what new applications are being developed? Find out in the exhibition!

AI Sound Art

A very special DJ awaits you in the exhibition. Experience how various pieces of information from the exhibition are transformed into a sound experience with the help of AI. In this musical experiment, the selection and intensity of the sound elements change at regular intervals. How do you like our extraordinary soundscape?

Information about your visit

Recommended age
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The AI exhibition is best enjoyed by children twelve and older.

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Accessibility is important to us. That is why the entire pavilion is wheelchair accessible.

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Admission is free.


Monday through Friday
09:00 am – 5:00 pm

Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays:
10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Lockers and cloakroom
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Unfortunately, in the pavilion, there is nowhere to lock up bags, valuables or jackets or to hang them in a cloakroom. Lockers are located on the ground floor in building e1 (experimenta’s main building).

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The pavilion may be closed temporarily. We would like everyone to be able to use the interactive stations without crowding.

Food & Beverages
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We would ask that there be no eating in our AI exhibition. If you bring your own food and beverages, feel free to consume them at experimenta-Platz or in the entrance area of e1.

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With the exception of guide dogs for the blind and disabled, animals are not permitted anywhere in experimenta.

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There are no public toilets in the pavilion (e3). Toilets open to the public can be found on the ground floor of experimenta

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You can access the internet free of charge through our network. Simply select “experimenta-gast” under your WIFI settings, accept the Terms and Conditions, and surf away.

Circuit through the exhibition


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