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The world on four floors

How does it feel to be in the eye of the storm? Can you trick the computer so that it thinks you are a computer? What would your body look like if it were made of ice or rubber? The world is full of questions – your questions. Find the answers in our exhibition. Test, unravel mysteries and experiment at more than 275 interactive stations on subjects drawn from technology and the natural sciences. Discover in your very own and fun way how the world works. By the way: you can save your experiences in our “digital rucksack”, look at them at home and even share them with others.

Themed worlds

The heart of our exhibition are four themed worlds: discover the nature of things, experience how the world enters our heads. Explore the unknown and get to know exciting phenomena at our adventure playground.


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Discover how changeable and diverse the world is – in a lab of things, substances and materials. Find out what is hard or intangible, colorful or glowing, whether full of structure or even alive. Five thematic areas guide you through the diverse world of materials in our exhibition StoffWechsel.

Study a car after a crash or experiment in the walk-in air workshop. Accompany starlight on its journey to us or have fun learning how a drop of water falls. Look into and behind things. They are as diverse as you are.


You experience the world in your own unique way. How does that work? Find out in our exhibition KopfSachen. How does the world enter your head? Why and how can you do what you do? What is surprisingly difficult for you? There is much to discover including the role your senses play in perception, the influence of language and movement.

You explore a wide range of topics in a humorous way and become the leading character. You will soon notice: you know and can do so much more than you suppose. And, after your visit, you will certainly know more about how knowledge functions.


With creativity and invention, we shape the world with science and technology. Five steps help us to make dreams come true: observe, represent, calculate, test and simulate using computers. These five steps are also found in our exhibition WeltBlick.

Explore how research functions and become a scientist in the process. Why does a piece of bread always fall with the buttered side down? How smart is artificial intelligence? Can you overcome gravity? Experiment and come to your own conclusions.


The world is exciting! Discover it in your own way in our ForscherLand. Here you will find an adventure playground where you can try things out, unravel mysteries and experiment. Find out how air breaks a fall.

Experience how water flows and surges in the enormous waterscape. Go on an expedition and discover all kinds of strange things – from an ant colony to your own fingers. Or become an inventor on a large machine. The focus in Forscherland is on children between the ages of four and ten.

Talent search

You have many strengths and skills. But are you already familiar with them all? In our Talent Search, you can get to know yourself better. That’s not just exciting, but also has advantages – for example, when looking for the right training or the right course of study. At a total of 24 Talent Stations on three levels of the exhibition you can begin to discover your strengths.

A career finder station also compares your strengths with your interests. And: our Talent Search is a result of our cooperation with the TransferCenter for Neuroscience and Learning at the University of Ulm.

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