Bildausschnitt der experimenta Neubauarchitektur aus Glas, Beton und Stahl

Spectacular architecture

A work of art in glass and steel, the innovative space spiral and the contrast between the historic Hagenbucher oilseed storehouse and the modern new building inspire architecture fans.

experimenta is a work of art in glass and steel. The innovative concept of the space spiral and an exciting contrast between the historic Hagenbucher storehouse and the new building cause not just the hearts of architecture fans to beat faster. experimenta has found a home in the Hagenbucher, the distinctive former oilseed storehouse dating from the 1930’s consisting of a reinforced concrete skeletal construction and brickwork exterior walls. While the interior spaces are shaped by these reinforced concrete columns and beams, the bricked facade of the original building with typical industrial muntin windows are characteristic for its external perception.

Prof. Matthias Sauerbruch

“Experimentation in this case became an architectural principle. This is seen in the design of the studios. They are suspended in the center of the spiral as four glass pods and are the glowing core of this crystalline structure. These structures push the limits of what is possible.”


– Prof. Matthias Sauerbruch, Architect, Sauerbruch Hutton, Berlin

Thomas Bochmann

“The staggered arrangement of the existing structure of the old building and addition make the green wall visible from the city as a symbol of the museum. The image of a sliced kiwi has become a metaphor for the play between the envelope and the vertical section through the interior.”


– Thomas Bochmann, Architect, studioinges, Berlin