Our tours: A journey of discovery to your favorite topics

Find what you’re really interested in straightaway: on our tours. They take you directly to the right stations. Investigate time or explore your talents. Take a tour of the natural worlds of sound. As a group, master the stations that call for team spirit. Celebrate a birthday with your friends. There are numerous options! Choose the tour that is best for you from over a dozen tour offerings. Or create your very own. FYI: many of our tours are also accessible to visitors in wheelchairs.

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The selfie picture tour

Go on a selfie tour through the experimenta. Discover amazing things about wind and gestures or create a virtual image of yourself. The tour takes you to eight hands-on stations where the motto is: Smile, please!

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Birthday tour

Rain, storm, snow? No problem! Conjure up your own birthday weather or dance to the sounds of the world. With this tour, you’ll discover fun hands-on stations and ideas around your new year of life!

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