Nadine aus der Abteilung Besucherforschung / Evaluation

Nadine – Visitor Research Department / Evaluation

Even during my studies in European Media Culture and Museology I was interested in teaching and learning – on the one hand, in museums, and, on the other in digital spaces. I was fascinated by museum work and my internships have helped immensely. I received a position on a research project at the Deutsches Museum in Munich and had the opportunity to study visitors at a media station on molecule models from a pedagogical and psychological point of view. Before finishing my doctoral thesis, I switched to the Staatliche Museen in Berlin. I was primarily involved in conceptual design of educational offerings both related to media and personnel and for the visitor services on Berlin’s Museum Island. This also then included duties in the area of construction planning. After the fact, my career path looks a lot more compelling that it felt at the time. My studies were general and could have taken me somewhere else entirely, particularly given the fact that the cultural sector doesn’t have a great surplus of jobs.

I’ve been in the Visitor Research / Evaluation department at experimenta since November 2019. What I like most is that I support my colleagues in the exhibition department, in marketing or visitor services with evaluations and can contribute my experience. We also do research in our department and study general questions regarding learning and attitudes that also affect other science centers and museums.

– Nadine, Visitor Research / Evaluation department

My highlight are the experimenta after-work get-togethers. I was invited to go even before I’d actually started to work here. I’d signed the contract, but I was still on maternity leave and so I went with my husband and baby. It was a very nice way to meet and get to know my future colleagues.

What I like about experimenta is the appreciation shown to us employees. This includes regular information provided in the newsletter or directly by the management. And, being able to work from home revealed a high degree of flexibility in how working conditions can be adapted – something that I as am other know to appreciate greatly.