Sandra vom Besucherservice

Sandra – Visitor Services

I’ve always been a live wire which is why I turned my hobby into my job after graduating from high school and completed somewhat unusual training as a dance instructor through the General Association of German Dance Instructors. My goal was always to open my own dance school. That’s why I decided to continue my education after my training in order to acquire the business foundation I needed. Because of my family situation as a single parent, it was not possible to pursue my plans.

Many training and continuing education courses later I then found myself in the sport and fitness segment and worked for many years in a fitness and health studio focusing on rehabilitation. It has always been important to me to work with and for people. No day is like another. This was also one of the deciding factors in wanting to join the experimenta team.

I’ve been working at experiment since September 2018 as supervisor in visitor services. That means that I am responsible for the smooth running of the daily doings at experimenta and thus also act as the direct point of contact for all visitor chaperones and minders. Since we are open seven days per week, I work in a team with four other colleagues.

– Sandra, Supervisor in Visitor Services

Being able to be part of the reopening of experimenta in March 2018 was definitely an absolutely unforgettable experience that was followed by an exciting summer in connection with the National Horticultural Show in Heilbronn. Many different events made the year 2019 a very special one.

My personal highlight was to be the first visitor to set foot in the newly opened exhibition. An event that we put our heart and soul into. Neil Armstrong must have felt much the same when his foot touched the moon for the first time.

As an employer, experimenta has always been very open and met me with a lot of tolerance and with no judgment whatsoever in regard to my family situation. Showing staff how much they are appreciated has always been important here. Every single person is appreciated for who they are and their strengths supported. In the end, this is what makes a difference in the colorful diversity and uniqueness of experimenta.