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Experience gives rise to knowledge. That is the philosophy of experimenta, Germany’s largest science center.

With its affirmation of “lifelong learning” experimenta is committed to this intergenerational approach, inspiring its invitation to all visitors from 3 to 103.

For explorers both young and old

The Discovery Worlds, more than 270 interactive stations in the exhibition, are spread out on four levels and have something for everyone. The stations not only encourage critical thinking, the unraveling of mysteries, and experimentation, but also occasionally require use of the body. Entirely in keeping with the motto “Experience facilitates knowledge”. Guests explore scientific and technical concepts in four main themes. Visitors learn what happens when a car crashes, how the world gets into our heads, or how an artificial kangaroo can be made to hop. At 24 stations in the Talent Search, visitors can test their abilities and discover their personal talents. Specific tips and information about training courses and study programs that match their talents and abilities are also provided. In the Discovery Worlds, science can be experienced by all age groups.

Everyone who enjoys discussing the issues of the future are in the right place in experimenta’s Forum. The venue is an educational offering with interactive stations, a filmbox and magazines. At an interactive monitor table, guests can see what the city of the future will look like. Or they can lean back and relax and read one of the many science magazines available. Those who prefer reading at home will find a selection of digital articles on research topics for downloading. In the Filmbox, a wide range of videos provides an opportunity to increase one’s knowledge and to critically question one’s own opinion.

Magical Experience Worlds

In the Experience Worlds, visitors explore unknown worlds without visual limits. A very special place for young and old is the Science Dome. Behind its name is a unique combination of planetarium and theater. The 360° dome is 21.5 meters in diameter and extends over the heads of the audience with a 726 m² projection screen. The seating is mounted on a revolving platform that can turn 180 degrees in just 66 seconds. The diverse program offerings in the Science Dome include laser and experimental shows as well as theater, lectures, films and much more.

There is also the Experimental Theater for children on level five of the new building. In live demonstrations, children between the ages of four and ten are introduced to the cycle of rain, river, ocean and evaporation, for example, or learn why an airplane flies. Performance of the age-appropriate plays and demonstrations is in the hands of experienced actors and applied theater practitioners.

Visitors to the barrier-free Observatory on the experimenta rooftop terrace venture near celestial bodies. The All-Sky Dome and powerful telescopes let them peer deep into the universe. While high-contrast images of celestial objects can be produced using the reflecting telescope with a sensitive camera, a refracting telescope with special filters makes viewing the center of the solar system safe. Using a special device, guests can even take pictures of the sun with their smart phones.

Pursue research like professionals

The experimenta labs are probably some of the most fascinating classrooms in the world. A team of experienced educators and academics conduct the more than 60 courses that make observation fun and encourage students to pursue their own research questions. Children and teens can build an electric motor, program a robot, or run a DNA analysis using test tube and pipette. experimenta is recognized as place of learning and a research center by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport.

In the experiment kitchen, guests learn how foods are designed in the 21st century using scientific know-how. And the North Württemberg student research center SFZ with its lab offerings and high-quality technical equipment offers a wide range of opportunities to support young researchers with their first scientific projects. Many will surely also go on to be featured at national and international competitions, like the young science competition “Jugend forscht”, a national competition that took place at experimenta for the first time in May 2021.

The theme of the Maker Space is “From theory to practice”. This open platform is free-of-charge and is a venue for teens and young adults ages 14 to 25 and older guests as well to develop and create, program and discuss. Movers and doers can pursue their own projects here. The facilities include a wood workshop, several 3D printers, a sewing and photo studio with green screen. The Maker Space team supports visitors and instructs them in safe machine use.

Floating outpost

It is not just in Heilbronn that experimenta offers hands-on science. The MS experimenta is navigating rivers throughout Germany. Aboard ship, the inquisitive will find out more about themselves and exciting STEM topics at interactive stations as well in the lab workshops. And experimenta has included the Mini Dome, the Science Dome projection screen in miniature format onboard.

From the idea to flagship project

The wide range of offerings at Germany’s largest science center were developed in just a few short years. experimenta opened in November 2009. At the time, it was housed in a converted oilseed warehouse, the “Hagenbucher” on an island in the Neckar river in the heart of Heilbronn. In its first phase, the facility had 150 interactive exhibits in 7500 m² of exhibition space. The concept was a success: experimenta welcomed their one millionth visitor already in 2015. The next year saw the laying of the cornerstone for a new building across from the Hagenbucher warehouse. The warehouse underwent another redesign and opened its doors to the public together with the impressive new building on March 31, 2019. Since then experimenta is home to a unique range of offerings in its total exhibition space of 25,000 m² in keeping with the motto: “Experience facilitates learning”.


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